Buying off-plan……. What is it? Why is it a good idea?

Buying a property off plan is when you decide to purchase a property before the builder has finished building it, sometimes before the construction has actually even began.

This is a great idea as you will get a say in the finish of the property and giving you the option to upgrade your kitchen, your bathroom and even down to decorative things such as colour of carpets.

The steps……….

  • Speak to a mortgage adviser to check how much you can borrow and an idea of the repayments
  • Find a suitable development in the area that you want to live
  • Once you’ve found the property that you want, you’ll need to meet with the developer and pay a reservation fee, usually around £1000.
  • Appoint a solicitor, who will check all of the details and draw up the contracts.
  • Once all of the paperwork has been checked you’ll pay your deposit and the solicitor will exchange contracts (at this time the contract becomes legally binding)
  • Then the wait……… you can have a several month wait until your home is finished but it is important that you check along the way that everything is being done to the specifications that you made.
  • Once finished ensure that you check the house for snags, making sure that it is finished to a good standard
  • You will then be given two dates, a short stop date the day that they expect the property to be ready and the long stop date, the date they have to complete by.


Happy New Home

New Year, New Decade, New Home?

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Moving home is always assumed to be one of the most stressful changes you make in life but starting the new year knowing you are going to be moving home has to be the most exciting change… right?

As soon as you know your move in date and the day starts to approach the stress levels start to kick in… stop… prepare in advance and your moving day is more than likely going to run much smoother. Preparation is key for your house move if this means writing a million lists… do it!

Decluttering your house will make the dreaded packing up your house so much quicker. Pack items from one room at a time and go label crazy to make the unpacking at the other end so much easier. Don’t forget to book your removal van or hire a professional moving company and with the help from your friends and family on the day nothing should go wrong.